I'm Greg and I have a question for you.

You know how everyone's got it figured out, and you're the only one who can't get it together?

Here's the truth:

Contrary to the story you’ve cobbled together in your head — that everyone else has it all figured it out and you’re the only one that can’t seem to get it together — everyone is just trying to figure it out.  To hold it together.  To not run away from their life. 

Everyone is unperfect.  And that’s what makes it so extraordinary — we’ll all in this together, if we’re each willing to be honest about it.

I know this, because I’m the most unperfect person I know.  I’ve fucked up a lot of things, hurt a lot of people (no one more than myself), routinely hidden who I really am, and just generally questioned where I was going most of my life.

I substituted achievement, recognition and winning for feeling connected to myself and others.  I turned away from those who mattered to me, because the need to be right and to be seen as perfect were the dark forces that controlled me most.

Yet, throughout my life, I’ve also savoured moments of knowing that I’m awesome.  I felt it when I was being courageous, and when I was telling the truth about something that was really hard to be honest about. 

I  spent most of my life mastering the ability to hide behind external success, appearing confident and fearless, and striving to prove that I was simply perfect.  And no matter how hard I tried to shovel more dirt into the hole I could feel deep in my soul, the hole never filled up.

In fact, somehow against all the laws of physics, it kept getting bigger and bigger.

And as you might know, trying to fill a bottomless hole is exhausting.

It took some very painful losses, failures and experiences to finally feel like I was being shaken by the shoulders, and that some invisible force was slapping my face and screaming, “wake the hell up.”

I used to believe the greatest moment of my life was when my son Cooper was born.  But I’ve come to realize that the most important and special moment of my life was when I finally woke up, and decided to try something different. 

Here’s the lesson I’ve learned:  

Life isn’t about trying to change or hide who you are to meet the expectations and demands of the world.  Life isn’t about succeeding.  Life is about feeling, about living who you really are, and having the courage to do each of these things unconditionally.  When you have the courage to reveal your unperfections to others and trust in them, those special elements pave the road to peace, alignment and connection.

And, the idea of living being a fiercely unperfect human became my vision for life — and as I’ve shared the idea with others, it seems to resonate.  This concept is less about me, and all about every human being that’s striving to be more authentic, vulnerable, and to live a great life.

So, thanks for spending your time reading this, and I hope you find some inspiration and helpful information and resources here.  ❤

                              Unperfectly Yours,