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The Loss I’m Grieving — That You Are Too

All the superlatives and hyperbole have been used to try and describe what we’re going through right now — ”historical“, ”unprecedented“, ”uncharted waters“, ”generational”, ”never before seen”. And yet, the depth and scope of how COVID-19 is impacting you, me and every person on this planet is beyond any attempt


The Most Important Lesson For a Child To Learn

In the 12 years since my son Cooper was born, I’ve had a lot of parenting mistakes. Since I only have one child, my experience of raising little humans is admittedly limited to a universe of one. I recently had a friend who’s expecting a child ask me, “what’s the


The 2 Truths We’re Being Reminded Of Right Now

The pandemic that’s swept the globe with breath taking speed and impact has proven two things extraordinarily well — natural laws that have been taken for granted and forgotten. But like a loving and committed parent, nature is here to bring our attention back to them .. by force if


Weathering The Storm And Being Better Off For It

The material, economic and social routines of our world are being torn apart, before our eyes.  It’s happening so quickly that many people haven’t yet settled into the stark reality that lies ahead:  Life will not be the same in the future, for so many reasons. While there are so


The Question That Keeps You Trapped

Whether you have kids yourself, or you’ve spent any amount of time around small children as they make their way through the world, you’re definitely equipped to answer the following question: What is the single question that kids are constantly, annoyingly, asking about everything? WHY? Why is the sky blue?


“Pursuing happiness doesn’t lead to a great life.

Living a great life and loving fully cultivates happiness.”